Gluten Free In Denver, Colorado

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Alright, I'm finally starting to catch up on telling you about all my gluten free finds from travel in the fall of 2012. First up, we've got Denver. This was my first trip to Colorado and I was so pleased to find plenty of gluten free options available. 

(303) 831-6443

For my first dinner in Denver, I headed to City, O City based on a recommendation from Molly of the Particular Kitchen. With oodles of gluten free and vegan options clearly labeled on the menu and a great vibe in the restaurant (I do love a good community table!) - it made for a very welcoming first night in Denver. I ended up with minestrone soup and a salad with avocado and chickpeas - both were delicious. Another little tidbit that totally endeared me to City, O City was their loose-leaf tea served in pint glasses with cardboard sleeves - just a great touch that I very much appreciated.

(303) 321-1919

Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of Italian food, but since it was just a block away from my amazing hotel in Cherry Creek I gave Piatti a try. With a gluten free pasta option and a good understanding of cross contamination issues - the menu and staff were just great. Pretty much any pasta dish could be made with the gluten free pasta.

(303) 329-8888

One of the most exciting things about going to Colorado, was knowing I was going to the home of Udi's! During my first year or so of being gluten free, Udi's bread let me enjoy my favorite sandwich; a BLT. So naturally, when I went to Udi's Bread Cafe - that's what I had to order. While the cafe itself is not entirely gluten free, they do have gluten free bread for all their sandwiches and their fries are safe from cross contamination. It's a great place to grab some lunch.

(303) 283-4060

Deby's is a great place to pick up some pre-made foods made locally in their onsite kitchen. I picked up a frozen chicken and rice burrito and crackers and both were great and had a great homemade taste - as opposed to something with oodles of preservatives in it.

(720) 941-4100

A great location with lots of gluten free options available - their cafe has a good selection of non-dairy milks for morning lattes.

(303) 399-0164

Lots of gluten free options available.

Have you ever been to Denver? What were your favorite gluten free friendly places to eat?