Reading from February 2013

Before I get into this month's wrap up, I want to say thank you to all everyone that took my first reader survey this month! It's amazing how inline your responses were with there I want to continue to take this site in the future. So thank you for being awesome!

Things You Should Do...

Explore Mount UrgullHike Johnston Canyon - Hike Atxular's Eye

Gluten Free In...

Manhattan - Salt Lake City - Brooklyn

Scenes From...

Helena, Montana - California's Northern Coast - Thingvellir National Park

A Place To Stay in Cadaques, Spain - Edible Garden Project Update - My Alt Summit Experience

Where I Was Elsewhere On the Web

Sharing tips and photos of New York in the Across the USA series on Elembee

Sharing my tips for Seattle in the My Gluten Free Town series on Gluten Free Traveller

Things I Read & Watched Around the Web

I know I've been talking about and sharing pictures of Iceland a lot recently. This short video from Bob Crist makes me want to go back so much more! (And is exactly the kind of trip video I'd love to start making once I have the resources.) 

Oh and in case you hadn't heard...Iceland wants to be your friend.

Laura from Gluten Free Traveller recently returned from a trip to Malaysia & Singapore; if you're thinking of heading there in the future, check out her tips on eating gluten free in both countries!

Switchback Travel added a Patagonia Guide to their site! With their guide and the photos and posts popping up on Ottsworld, it's edging ever higher on my list.

I find this post from Brenna about unique places to sleep fascinating. I think the most unique place I've slept was on the floor of a marae in New Zealand and the most unique experience was having a raccoon walk over me while sleeping under the stars.

If you've haven't been to Yosemite yet, it should probably be on your list. These gorgeous photos from Eat the Love are sure to motivate you!

A sneak peek inside Sunset Magazine Headquarters in pictures

Another great GIF from when i went gluten free. I totally do this one.

I am totally on board with the Harlem Shake. Love that my grad school went for it and also the US Embassy in Bangkok and Fermilab.

I'm kind of a NASA cheerleader and I'm really loving these Earth as Art images.

Threshold moments while traveling.

Love this clip about sheep herders in Basque Country.

I'll admit, Japan has never been to high on my list - it is on my husband's. Brenna's video about Life in Japan not only makes me more interested in going in there, but also makes makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about traveling.