Gluten Free In The San Francisco Bay Area, California: The Peninsula

The day after I got back to Seattle from my month long stay in Brooklyn, New York - my husband and I hopped in the car with our pup and headed down to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend a few days with half of our family for the holidays. While it was a quick trip and packed with family gatherings (full of gluten free food) - we still managed to try out a few gluten free friendly spots up and down the Peninsula. We'll start down south in Sunnyvale and get all the way north to San Francisco itself!

(408) 991-9078

If you've been reading my Gluten Free In posts for a while, you'll know that PF Changs is one of my favorites for a great (and safe) gluten free meal. One of the things I love about PF Changs is that it offers options for anyone. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes and if you're sensitive to soy like me - there are a few dishes you can get without it!

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Gluten Free In the San Francisco Bay Area, California

Well, I was finally fortunate enough to have a business trip that took me to California, a place where I know how to be gluten free.

5427 Telegraph Ave. #D3
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 595-0955


My first stop after my hotel was Mariposa Bakery in Oakland.  If you ever travel to the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to stop here because not only do they have amazing goodies but they're also the only all gluten free bakery in the area.  (That I know of at least...and I would think I would have heard if another opened up since that's my home turf.) It's a super cute place to stop in for a coffee or tea as well.  I ordered one of their pressed panini's without cheese and it was delish! A whole bunch of roasted veggies with a nut and dairy free pesto sauce. I also picked up a full bag of other goodies inludining, penguinos(!!!!!!!), cinnamon rolls (not as good unheated), almond biscotti, a lemon poppy seed muffin (which I never got to try), foccocia bread (which I never got to try), and a baguette which is currently in my refridgerator waiting to be turned into either french toast or croutons. Now I have to say....  The penguinos were AMAZING! I mean just insane tasting.  They're essentially little gluten free and vegan hostess cupcakes with the marshmellowy cream in the center.  Get one of these as soon as you can. I also got the opportunity to stop at Mariposa's Ferry Building location in San Francisco for lunch on Thursday and Friday and picked up their salami sandwich that they make in cooperation with the tasty salty pig parts people.  Yum!  It has a sundried tomato spread and lettuce on it as well.

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