Gluten Free In Leavenworth, Washington

This was the first spot I've traveled to where I couldn't find anything...anything...with all of my pre-trip research.  So I had to go in pretty blind.  Luckily, the trip was only for 2 nights and the hotel had a refrigerator and a microwave so I could bring my own food. I did make a stop at Wheatless in Seattle the night before and picked up a piece of apricot almond coffee cake.

So that's what I had the first morning in Leavenworth and oh wow, it was so so so good. The rest of the trip I kept myself going on various snacks like Glutino pretzels, Udi's muffins and bread, packets of Justin's peanut butter, and Pamela's cookies. And other than Starbucks...I did check out two local restaurants but made sure to bring my restaurant cards.


217 8th St. 
Leavenworth, WA 98826
(509) 548-6725


The Renaissance Cafe was a cute little place that was actually in the cellar of a building. I just got a green salad and then put it in between two pieces of Udi's bread that I brought with me. It wasn't anything amazing but all of the veggies were incredibly fresh!


221 8th St.
Leavenworth, WA 98826
(509) 548-0270


Ducks and Drakes Restaurant was an interesting spot.  From the front it looks like a nice little tavern, on the inside it looks like a pretty rough college bar, and then the back patio was this incredible little place to sit and enjoy the view (from the picture above) and the weather. I gave our waiter the restaurant card and he passed it on to the manager who gave me a couple of recommendations on what they could make for me.  I ended up getting a steak with some steamed veggies and shared some steamed clams with my friends.  It was all very tasty and I felt very well taken care of there, the manager said that he had a couple of friends could not eat gluten either.

*Another tip for traveling while Gluten Free: Plastic Baggies.

I actually remembered to bring these with me this time and I can't emphasize enough how useful they were.  It really helped to be able to bring some GF bread slices to restaurants to sort of round out my meals.