Gluten Free In Waitomo, New Zealand


Our next stop on our journey was Waitomo to take the Black Abyss tour of the Ruakuri Cave (yup, that's me repelling into it in the picture above!). The drive to Waitomo from Auckland was very beautiful and quite green. We even took a small detour out to the coast to visit the black sand beaches near Raglan.


10 Waitomo Caves Rd.
Waitomo 3943
New Zealand
+64 7 878 6674

Since we only spent two nights in Waitomo and our dining options were rather limited, we ended up at the same restaurant both nights, HUHU. It was recommended by our Lonely Planet guide, so we walked over and inquired about their gluten free options. It turns out they cook with regular fresh food ingredients and the majority of their seasonal menu was gluten free. We actually ended up with the same meal both nights, a tomato soup with bacon and mussels, a crab and avocado dish, and those delicious HUHU chips you see in the picture above. If you're ever in Waitomo, I would highly recommend stopping in as the food was delicious and the views from the patio were quite nice.