The Edible Garden Project: September/October 2012 Update


When we got back from our trip to Europe our garden was booming with all sorts of tasty treats! Since I had another week of domestic travel right after returning we hoped it would hold on until we got some time to actually cook with all these goodies. The items in this particular 8+ quart bowl were mostly used to make lasagna with a tomato basil sauce with slices of Japanese eggplant.

One of the biggest or rather tallest surprises in our garden was our shiso plant - which has got to be at least 4 feet tall. I have no idea what to do with all these leaves - any suggestions out there?

I shared a picture of our fantastic pumpkins with you on Monday, but I just had to share another one. They're just so fantastic and the colors are just brilliant.

Even after two huge harvests, we've still got oodles of tomatoes on the vines and we're holding out hope that a few more will ripen.

Our fall/winter garden bed is coming along nicely as well. The mustard greens are doing the best and have turned out to be a new favorite of mine.

The Four Seasons Lettuce is also doing fairly fantastic - it's a rather tender tasting variety.

After a slow start in the shadow of our tomatoes, our Japanese eggplant has ended up being quite productive.

I'll end this update with the delicata squash - we got two good sized ones out of it with I'm hoping to bake up with a nut stuffing.

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