A Slow Return


Well, I'm back. 

It's been a much slower return to blogging than I initially anticipated. After our 3 week trip to Europe, where my camera broke, I came back to a computer that had some major repair work to be done. Then I was off to Denver and Portland. And then there were other important things that took priority in our transition back to life at home. 

Like spending time with our pup. The hardest part about being gone for over a month was being away from her. 

Eating some good home cooked food. Our trip to Europe came with some significant food related struggles, but that's a story for another post. I missed cooking and baking so very much.

We've been harvesting from our edible garden like mad! Check out our awesome Cinderella pumpkins - I can't believe we grew these.

In addition to crossing off a visit to Spain, I've been on a spree of crossing things off my 30 Before 30 list - including the Color Run down in Portland.

And did you catch my big announcement yesterday? I've opened my first Etsy shop to start fundraising for the Camp Mighty group project to support charity:water.

And most importantly, we've been celebrating our 2nd wedding and 3rd engagement anniversary. Each year we go somewhere new to celebrate and take a family photo - this year we visited Vashon Island.

So I've returned and I'm doing my best and wrapping my head around the oodles of post ideas I have floating around in my head after all these experiences I've had over the last month and half. I've got so much travel and garden goodness to share with you and I'm hosting this months Gluten Free Ratio Rally - stay tuned!