Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 20

Every single photo I took of our delivery this week turned out blurry. I did my best to hide it. Darn low light of Seattle winters.

I know its been a couple of weeks in a row now that I haven't been posting pictures of our meals made from our produce delivery. Things with our new pup have kept us on our toes recently and I've come down with a pretty awful some kind of sick. It's had me coughing up a storm over President's day weekend which drastically reduced my cooking ambitions for the week. Here's to hoping I get better soon!

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Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 19

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Due to the inches upon inches of snow that took over Seattle two weeks or so ago our weekly delivery was canceled. And apparently I'm still catching up on chores around the house (since obviously playing in the snow took priority) and I didn't get to snap any pictures of how we used all these goodies.

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Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 17

I don't know why, but ever since we moved to Seattle all of the broccoli we buy seems to be infested with these little grey bugs.  I had never encountered these in california, but it sure makes me sad!  I ended up throwing away 1 of the 3 crowns we got in our box this week.

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