Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 21

Zucchini was sauteed in olive oil with turkey bacon and collard greens and served over creamy polenta.
Red Chard was sauteed in olive oil and tossed with pasta and goat gouda.
Kiwi was sliced up and eaten on top of vanilla sheeps milk yogurt with hemp and chia seeds.
Butter Lettuce and Hass Avocados were used in sandwiches with yummy bacon.
Bosc Pears, Pink Lady Apples, and Navel Oranges were eaten as snacks.
Green Cabbage, Rainbow Carrots, Celery, Yellow Onions, and Red Potatoes are awaiting their cooking fate since I was out of town for a couple of days in Boise, Idaho.


Have you made anyting special this week with super fresh produce?