30 Days of Lists


Days 21-24


Here's my next installment of lists. Loved Day 22's list, what's in my care package - such a fun thing to think about. I also thought it appropriate to include my handwriting as something I'm famous for on Day 24's list - I've received so many nice compliments and comments on it! Anyway, now checking back in on my list from day 2 on this months goals...
Goals I've Completed:
  • Take Lunch Time Walks - I definitely need to continue this one.
  • Sew Living Room Curtains - These are my second set of curtains and I think I'm really getting the hang of making them. I know this isn't a "craft blog" but maybe I will put together a little tutorial post on making simple cotton curtains when I start on our next set.
  • Create My New Blog Banner - We're photographing it today and I will be working on my new site next weekend! Can't wait. I've even been thinking of throwing a little party or something for the relaunch - perhaps a Travel Guide & Cook Book Party? 
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