30 Days of Lists & Maps: Week Three

I swear this month is just jetting by. 

It's time for for a summary post about week three of 30 Days of Lists. I did the checkerboard pattern on the maps for the whole week and I have to say - it's way more time consuming then just scribbling away with the paint brush. However, I like the end product way better.

So far I'm finding that the most difficult continents to draw are Africa and South America - they always turn out a little wonky for me.

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30 Days of Lists & Maps: Week Two

30 Days of Lists and Maps Week Two www.glutenfreetravelette.com

Woah there March. How is 30 Days of Lists already halfway over? 

Week Two started with one of my favorite subjects; food. I love talking about food and could probably do it all day long, I guess that's why I'm a travel AND food blogger. Since I got to make a list about one of my favorite subjects, I thought it would be appropriate to draw the #1 location on my travel wishlist; Cuba. 

During Week Two, I think I've finally started to find at least a bit of a stride in my watercolor - although on Day 12 - I introduced a new brush to my collection. Looking back, I think my Ireland and Eurasia maps are my favorites so far. What really needs to happen is I need to find some time to watch some watercolor tutorials online. Any suggestions for good ones?

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30 Days of Lists & Maps: Week One

30 Days of Lists and Maps March 2013 www.glutenfreetravelette.com

On Tuesday, I shared one of my mapping projects with you and today, I'm sharing the first installment of the other one with you. If you've been around for more than a year, you might remember that I participated in 30 Days of Lists last March as well. It's such a fun project and I find it a great way to just center my thoughts and my mind. This year I decided to add an additional component, 30 days of map related art completed with ink and watercolors (which is basically a totally new medium to me - so I'd love to hear your pro tips!).

While I've been sharing my lists on twitter and instagram, I wanted to share them here as well so you see a version that's not cut off at the bottom and get a peek at what's on my mind!

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