Comprehensive Travel Topics: Eat, Stay, & Play

One of the reasons I started Gluten Free Travelette in early 2010 was because my new day job promised a significant amount of travel and I wanted to share all of my great gluten free finds with other travelers searching for a safe meal. Over time I've realized that I have a whole lot more  than just restaurant finds to share - and after all, this site is called Gluten Free Travelette for a reason. I've stayed in a number of wonderful hotels and done some pretty exciting things during both my work and non-work travels.

So over the past couple of months, I've begun two other series of posts; A Place To Stay In... and Things To Do In...; index tabs (Stay & Play) have also been added for each of these. The Stay posts will be fairly straightforward and similar to my restaurant reviews in the Gluten Free In... series. The Play posts will get more in depth and focus on different types of activities and sights to see. Many of them will center on outdoor types of adventures, simply because that's what I like to do!

I've shared a couple of travel tip type posts about Group Trips and Preparing For My New Zealand Trip, but I've got a lot more to offer. I'm a rather detailed oriented person and really enjoy planning and organizing longer complex trips. So in the future I'll be sharing more travel tips and even some sample itineraries that I've created for the trips I've taken.

Whats funny about all of this is that I've been trying to put a renewed focus in my life on pursuing my passions and I'm finding myself returning to the dreams I had as a child. My childhood dream career was somewhere in between a National Geographic photographer and a writer/journalist. In fact, when I was first looking into colleges I was specifically looking for schools with journalism programs. For me traveling and writing about it here has finally brought me closer to that dream and I'm looking forward to where this path might take me in the future. As soon as I can get the funds together, I'm even planning to take an actual course in travel writing!

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