Alt Summit SLC 2013: The Fantastic People

Just a little reminder before we get in to my last Alt Summit post! 

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Yes, it's true. Fantastic people do attend Alt Summit and sadly, I only met a tiny snippet of them. Going in, like I mentioned in my experience post, I was concerned I wouldn't connect with anyone as I'm not really a designer. As a whole, I found the Alt community to be extremely welcoming and accepting. I was able to connect with pretty much everyone I talked to either about being gluten free or having a serious love of travel. So if you work in a particular little niche of the blogging world like me, don't let that stop you from going to Alt.

So let me tell you about some of these fantastic people...

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Take Aways from BlogHer Food 2012

Last week I shared my overall experience at BlogHer Food 2012 and this week I'd like to share a couple of the take aways that stood out to me during the various sessions I attended. Overall, I came away feeling energized - creatively, intellectually, and entrepreneur-ially. So here's a of my big take aways from BlogHer Food 2012;

* Think about why you do what you do.

* Keep some personal projects, ones that aren't going to be posted on your blog.

* Surround yourself with colossal dreams.

* Back up your blog!

* If you don't already have photoshop or another paid photo editing software, go, download GIMP. Also, read the live blog of this amazing Post-Processing session - I feel like my editing skills just took a giant leap forward!

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