What's Next?

With all the travel hours I spent on airplanes, subways, and cars in the past two months, I had a lot of time to think about "what's next?" - and well, I've got a whole lot of plans and dreams for 2013.

For one thing, I really want to focus on the goals I set for myself at Camp Mighty. So if anyone is feeling particularly helpful on teaching me how to make a budget or use video editing software, find my (career) passion, take some head shots of me, or anything else on my list - I'd love to hear from you and if there's a way I can help you with your goals let me know!

In the travel realm, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Helena, and Boston are currently on the books. The big trip for the year is likely to be a few weeks of road tripping and camping through British Columbia and Alberta. If we can swing it, I'd also love to go to Kauai. I'll also be attending both Altitude Design Summit and the International Food Blogger Conference this year - big year in blogging type conferences for me!

Here on the blog you'll see a continuation of the Edible Garden Project, Gluten Free Ratio Rally posts, travel, and a few recipe posts here and there. Oh and oodles of photos and stories to share from my big trip to Spain this year.

And my last not so little plan for 2013 is to continue to build my new Etsy shop, Parsley & Co. - focusing on hand knit and sewn items that have a travel flavor. 

Oh and the one other thing that I see next...a heck of a lot of juicing. I got into juice big time in New York, going to places like Siggy's, Sun In Bloom, Candle Cafe West, and buying a lot of Blue Print Juice. I've never felt better health wise - so I'm going to try and keep it up as best I can here at home.

So here's to 2013! Huzzah!