Gluten Free in San Rafael, California: The Return Trip

903 Lincoln
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 451-4765

I've posted about Sol Food before in 2009, but I haven't been back since we moved to Washington State.  So this time when we went back to California for the holidays we made a special trip back there with our new fancy camera to eat some amazing food and take much nicer pictures.

We ate the veggie deluxe sandwiches on tostones, some nicely simmered black beans, fresh made limeaide, and tembleque, all of which was gluten free and mostly vegan. It was all incredibly good and worth the wait in the long line that extended out the door.

The menu at Sol Food identifies which items are wheat free and vegan.  All of the items that I've ever ordered that were identified as wheat free were also gluten free, but I'm sure its a good idea to check on whichever dish you plan to order.