Gluten Free In Seattle: For the International Food Bloggers Conference

Gluten Free in Seattle

When I moved to Seattle in 2010, I was absolutely thrilled by the relative abundance of gluten free friendly restaurants. Prior to that, I was living in a little town on the California coast with NO options - in fact, I was frequently told by restaurant staff that I could not be accommodated. So moving to Seattle was like moving to a gluten free friendly wonderland. Three years and a heck of a lot of travelling later, I think Seattle is just starting to catch up with it's biggest rival in terms of gluten free friendliness; Portland, Oregon. More and more restaurants are including information on their regular menus to indicate gluten free items or ones that can be adapted.

Since Seattle has just over 300 people descending upon it this weekend to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) and I'm positive I'm not the only gluten free one in the bunch, I thought I'd share some of the spots I keep returning to for great gluten free eats throughout the city. I've also included a number of links to other resources to query for even more ideas.

Let's take this one step further as well; if you find a great gluten free friendly establishment during your weekend at IFBC - share it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag; #IFBCgf.

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Gluten Free In San Diego: For Comic-Con

Gluten Free In San Diego For Comic-Con

Let me answer the first question that's on your mind. Am I in San Diego for Comic Con? 

No. I'm home in Seattle - still dreaming big dreams after WDS. However, I certainly wouldn't mind a trip to San Diego for a combination of Comic Con and some surfing in Encinitas.

Even though I'm not in Sandy Eggo this week, thousands of other awesome people are descending upon a city which I used to call home and which happens to have a fantastic gluten free eating scene. After all the thanks and positive comments I received about the Gluten Free In Portland: For WDS post and a great twitter friend of mine asking if I had a similar guide for San Diego - it seemed just right that I get this post together. 

One last thing before I get into my picks for the best places to eat around the city. When I attended WDS a few weeks ago in Portland, I found a custom twitter hashtag to be very useful for sharing great finds with my gluten free compatriots. So if you find a great gluten free establishment during your week in San Diego - share it on twitter with #SDCCGF

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Apricot & Hazelnut Muesli

Gluten Free Apricot & Hazelnut Muesli on

I was introduced to muesli during my very first trip to New Zealand back in 2005 at a small hotel on the shores of Lake Taupo. It was just before the beginning of winter, so the hotel (and the town) was seemingly deserted aside from myself and my travel partner. The breakfast buffet was so eye opening and delicious, it completely changed my morning habits. With a spread of fresh fruits, European style yogurts, jams, and this funny looking oat based cereal called muesli - that little hotel had made me my favorite breakfast that I'd never had. 

There's something about museli that just feels filling and hearty to me. While I could enjoy it with yogurt, my favorite way is to soak it in my homemade Almond Milk for about 5 minutes and add a teaspoon of Rhubarb & Meyer Lemon Jam. A jar full of muesli is also one of my favorite recipes to take on the road with me. At this point it's pretty easy to find at least a carton of non-dairy milk wherever I travel, but finding gluten free muesli that doesn't have raisins or cranberries seems to be near impossible. The other advantage of making it at home is that I got to stock it full of my favorite dried fruit and nuts - most often I go with this combination of apricots and hazelnuts.

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Camping Recipe: Mediterranean Millet Salad

I'm back over at Bob's Blog (as in Bob of Bob's Red Mill) to share one final camping recipe for the season. This Mediterranean Millet Salad is one of the easiest meals I've ever made while camping and it's also become a favorite for a quick weeknight meal at home. Millet is perfectly suited for camping with it's quick cooking time and the fresh spinach is so refreshing after a long day exploring.