Gluten Free & Fresh: Week 10

Things have been mighty busy around these parts recently, mostly due to the beautiful weather we've been having in Seattle.  We've been out and about over-hauling our yard, trying paddle board yoga, and running errands for our upcoming camping trip. We've even eaten some of our first blueberries off our very own bush, I'll try to take some photos of our growing garden soon!


Zucchini was grated up and included in this AMAZING brownie recipe, which I adapted to be gluten free.


Cucumbers were turned into fridge pickles with apple cider vinegar and fennel, using this recipe.


Italian Kale was used on top of a gluten free pizza. 

Broccoli was steamed.

New Potatoes were cooked in tinfoil with a splash of olive oil.

Carrots and Valencia Oranges will be juiced.

Walla Walla Sweet Onions will be used to make a version of this dip.

Cherries and Lettuce unfortunately went bad before we had a chance to to eat them.

Do you have any ideas on what to do with Red Haven Plums and Jr. Turnips?