Monday Night Nectarines

I'm pretty much deeming today the end of summer as I will no longer let myself buy any nectarines.  (I just hate it when you buy a nectarine out of season and it tastes like nothing, such a disappointment.)

We had four large nectarines hanging in our kitchen for the weekend and it was time for them to be used before going bad.  I deemed nectarine goat milk ice cream and a mini-nectarine cobbler to be an appropriate use of the final nectarines of summer 2011.

I cobbled (hah!) together the recipes on some scratch paper based on things I've seen and what we had around the house.  I'm not sure either are quite ready for prime time yet, but you will likely see goat milk being used in more dishes yet to come and appearance of the cobbler topping recipe on some fall fruit.