A Camping Staple: Graham Crackers

Gluten Free Graham Crackers for Smores www.glutenfreetravelette.com

Thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for supporting this post through providing me the flour to make this tasty recipe along with these Oatmeal Cinnamon Pancakes, this Hiking Bread, and one more upcoming recipe as part of a series of gluten free camping friendly recipes.

In the realm of camping desserts, I’m serious about two things; simplicity and tradition.

While Dutch oven or skillet cobblers are certainly tasty treats to have while camping – I personally do not enjoy the clean up involved from making one of those dishes after a long day of exploring or hiking. Brownies and cakes baked inside orange peels are all the rage on Pinterest as a simple backpacking friendly treat, but that’s not what I grew up eating at camp.

When I think of camping desserts, there is really only one treat on my mind: good old-fashioned smores. Whether the marshmallows are roasted on a stick gathered nearby or on some fancy contraption made specifically for this purpose, I’ve always loved the campfire discussion (or debate) on what makes a perfectly roasted marshmallow. Are you a perfectly golden brown person or a flaming burnt marshmallow person? I used to be the later, but as I find my patience growing – I’m turning to into the former. 

These graham crackers have both a honey and light cinnamon flavor to them and hold up very well in the smore making experience. Far better than the pre-packaged ones I’d been buying at the store to make smores in my microwave (a terribly guilty pleasure of mine). The extra plus is that they’ll stay fresh and crisp, when kept in an air tight container for up to two weeks.

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Date Night Berry Cobbler

Gluten Free Date Night Berry Cobbler www.glutenfreetravelette.com

I recently rediscovered a recipe torn out of Sunset Magazine; Single Girl Melty Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and I've found it to be a great cure to a night home alone. It's small, comes together quick, and I always have all the ingredients in my kitchen. The only problem is that I'm not a big chocolate person, in the end I always prefer a fruit based dessert instead.

This month's Gluten Free Ratio gave me the perfect opportunity to try and create a similar small and quick treat, as a cobbler instead of a chocolate cake. Again, this recipe is all made of things I always tend to have around the kitchen. You could use different berries if you prefer - I'm stuck with blueberries and cherries (yes, not actually a berry) since I can't have most others. That doesn't bother me in the least since they also happen to be my favorites. While I could easily see myself enjoying this entire cobbler myself, it's also been the perfect size to share with my husband.

For the cobbler topping, my ratio ended up being 7 parts flour, 7 parts milk, 2 parts butter, and 1 part sugar.

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Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake

It's Gluten Free Ratio Rally time and this month I'm hosting! If you're new to the rally, check out this post from Shauna of Gluten Free Girl & the Chef to read about the very start of the rally. Based off of Michael Ruhlman's Ratio, this great group of gluten free bakers gets together each month to work on ratios for a specific baked good.

Since I joined the group earlier this year, I have to say - I've learned so much more about the science behind baking. I never thought I would be making bagels or angel food cake from scratch at home. In fact, I never thought I would make cake at home ever again, as all my early trials of gluten free cake baking ended up with shriveled and rubbery looking ones.

This month we're working on bundt cake; which we figured would be similar to the ratio for pound cake. Ruhlman's ratio for that is 1 part butter: 1 part sugar: 1 part egg: 1 part flour. Since I wanted to make a pumpkin bundt - I adjusted the ratio accordingly to include the puree. I assume if you wanted to used some other kind of fruit puree you could use a relatively similar ratio to the one I ended up with. My ratio turned our to be 2 parts butter: 2 parts sugar: 3 parts pumpkin puree: 3 parts egg: 4 parts flour.

Check out the other delicious (and quite seasonal) flavor combinations the rest of the ratio rally dreamed up;

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It's A Pie Party: 2012 Edition

When I saw that Shauna was co-hosting another Pie Party, I couldn't resist joining. 

I'm all about spreading the good word of pie. Instead of cake at our wedding, we had pie (and no, we did not freeze a piece to eat on our anniversary). For breakfast, it really doesn't get better than pie with some nice plain sheep milk yogurt. Except maybe a pandowdy - but that's basically just a bottomless pie.

With pie, I have no need to reinvent the wheel. I took a class with Shauna & Danny at the Pantry at Delancy and that's where I got my pie crust recipe from. I had never had any success with pie crust until I started using their recipe and people love it! Normally I keep a tub of their all purpose flour on my shelf to use, but after a recent incident involving some potato starch gone bad I was out. So I went about converting the percentages to make their 1000 gram mix to the 350 grams for just the pie crust. 

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