Gluten Free In San Diego: For Comic-Con

Gluten Free In San Diego For Comic-Con

Let me answer the first question that's on your mind. Am I in San Diego for Comic Con? 

No. I'm home in Seattle - still dreaming big dreams after WDS. However, I certainly wouldn't mind a trip to San Diego for a combination of Comic Con and some surfing in Encinitas.

Even though I'm not in Sandy Eggo this week, thousands of other awesome people are descending upon a city which I used to call home and which happens to have a fantastic gluten free eating scene. After all the thanks and positive comments I received about the Gluten Free In Portland: For WDS post and a great twitter friend of mine asking if I had a similar guide for San Diego - it seemed just right that I get this post together. 

One last thing before I get into my picks for the best places to eat around the city. When I attended WDS a few weeks ago in Portland, I found a custom twitter hashtag to be very useful for sharing great finds with my gluten free compatriots. So if you find a great gluten free establishment during your week in San Diego - share it on twitter with #SDCCGF

So let's talk geography first. San Diego is a pretty big city - it's public transportation options have improved drastically since I lived there, however the easiest way to get around is still by car. The Convention Center is smack on the water in downtown just south of the Gaslamp Quarter. While you should be able to find plenty of great gluten free eats in that area - you'll also end up mostly at chain restaurants. The best food in San Diego is outside of downtown in all the other quirky neighborhoods. So if you have an option to get around by car to find some great eats - do it!

Gluten Free In San Diego Hillcrest North Park for Comic-Con

My Favorites in Hillcrest & North Park

Casa De Luz | 2920 University Ave. | (619) 550-1857

Local Habit | 3827 5th Ave. | (619) 795-4770

Lotus Cafe & Juice Bar | 3955 5th Ave. | (619) 795-2446

Gluten Free In San Diego Old Town Mission Valley for Comic-Con

My Favorites in Old Town & Mission Valley

Casa Guadalajara | 4105 Taylor St. | (619) 295-5111

  • Gluten Free Menu available in the restaurant.
  • Go for the best Mexican food in the city. 

True Food Kitchen | 7007 Friars R. in Fashion Valley Mall | (619) 810-2929 

Gluten Free In San Diego Ocean Beach for Comic-Con

My Favorite in Ocean Beach

Ranchos Cocina | 1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd. | (619) 226-7619 

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In addition to all my favorites, there are absolutely loads of other gluten free friendly restaurants and cafes around the city and in the surrounding cities. The next time I make it down to San Diego these are a few of the places on my list to try; The Trails Neighborhood Eatery, Urban Solace, Ritual Tavern, and 2Good2B Bakery & Cafe up north in Encinitas.

Find even more gluten free and vegan friendly options and blogger recommendations here;

Gluten Free In San Diego Fireworks for Comic-Con

Not that this last picture has anything to do with eating gluten free around San Diego, but it's one of the reasons I just love visiting in the summer time. Every night at 9:50PM for the entire month of July, SeaWorld has a fireworks show that can be seen from many areas around the city. These shots were taken from my hotel in Old Town and I used to be able to stand in my front door to watch from Ocean Beach. It's simply magical.