Gluten Free In San Diego: For Comic-Con

Gluten Free In San Diego For Comic-Con

Let me answer the first question that's on your mind. Am I in San Diego for Comic Con? 

No. I'm home in Seattle - still dreaming big dreams after WDS. However, I certainly wouldn't mind a trip to San Diego for a combination of Comic Con and some surfing in Encinitas.

Even though I'm not in Sandy Eggo this week, thousands of other awesome people are descending upon a city which I used to call home and which happens to have a fantastic gluten free eating scene. After all the thanks and positive comments I received about the Gluten Free In Portland: For WDS post and a great twitter friend of mine asking if I had a similar guide for San Diego - it seemed just right that I get this post together. 

One last thing before I get into my picks for the best places to eat around the city. When I attended WDS a few weeks ago in Portland, I found a custom twitter hashtag to be very useful for sharing great finds with my gluten free compatriots. So if you find a great gluten free establishment during your week in San Diego - share it on twitter with #SDCCGF

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Gluten Free In San Diego, California: New Finds & Old Favorites

Gluten Free In San Diego California

It's almost hard to believe that my trip to San Diego in February was the last time I traveled out of state. While I was down there all of my future work travel was canceled (at least for the time being) so all I've got left are three short personal trips coming up later this month and in May. The time at home as been much needed - I don't recall the last time I can say I slept in my own bed for a consecutive month.

Either way, I'm glad my last trip was to San Diego. Since I lived there for 3 1/2 years it's an easy place to get around and when I went last year I discovered oodles of gluten free friendly eateries. While I generally make an effort to get out and try new places, I found myself returning to Casa Guadalajara a few times this trip. However I was able to pull myself away from their delicious Mexican food to try two new-to-me places that I now get to share with you!

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Gluten Free In San Diego, California

I stuffed myself silly in San Diego. Aside from Portland, Oregon - it's the most gluten free friendly city I've visited thus far.

It was quite fun to visit San Diego and seek out all these amazing restaurants because I actually used to live here back in the early 2000's. This certainly made it way easier to find my way around all the different neighborhoods.

What wasn't easy was deciding between the oodles of gluten free friendly restaurant options! In addition to some of my regular resources I use to research before traveling - there is a wonderful website that has a huge list of gluten free friendly restaurants in the the San Diego area.

Since I was in town for an intensive Photoshop class and staying in the Old Town neighborhood, I stuck to restaurants nearby in Hillcrest, North Park, and Ocean Beach.

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