Meyer Lemon Curd Scones

Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Curd Scones

I embarked on my gluten free scone adventures last year and ended up with Scookies, which are wonderful for certain purposes like using them as a sandwich for yummy preserves or jam.  My real goal though was to get to a point where I could replicate my all time favorite scone, the Peets Coffee & Tea Lemon Curd Scone. Armed with a brand new scone pan (thanks mom!) and more baking experience, I finally hit it out of the park with this recipe. My hubby ranked it up there with Picadillo, which I'm pretty sure he would eat every day if I made it. The crumb of this scone was perfect and the meyer lemon flavor was so fantastic I felt it was unnesseary to top with more lemon curd.
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POBY Smoothie

After I found out that I could no longer eat strawberries, I was pretty disappointed, especially in BOS (Banana, Orange Juice, Strawberries) smoothies I would be missing out on.  Shortly after, on a visit to one of my favorite places, the Ferry Market Building in San Francisco, I tried subbing peaches in a fresh made smoothie. I loved it and now it's one of my favorites!

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A Gluten Free Luau

As soon as I saw this Easy Hawaiian Luau Menu in Sunset Magazine I wanted to make it, all the dishes looked delicious and would give me a bit of a challenge.  If I recall correctly, that was back before I went gluten free and figured out the other food intolerances I have.  But, years and several intolerances later we've finally thrown a luau and made all of the delicious items on the menu.
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