Gluten Free In and Around Wellington, New Zealand


After conquering the Crossing we drove down to Wellington to spend the night before taking the ferry to the South Island to continue our adventure.  During the brief time we spent in the area, we realized that we wished we had more time.  Wellington was a beautiful city and getting there via the Kapti Coast was such a beautiful route to take. Hopefully we'll go back some day and spend more time in the region.


1 Waimea Rd.
Waikanae Beach
04 902 9033

I really wish that there was some local place like this in Ballard.  A great cafe with a great menu, most of which was gluten free.  The menu was well labeled with safe gluten free choices and even had gluten free beer battered fish and chips which was excellent.  The fish used in New Zealand for this dish beats out any dish of fish and chips that I've ever had in the states. Anyway, the cafe is also two stories with a great outdoor patio and view straight out over a beach to Kapti Island.  This is another spot I would highly recommend.

260 Wakefield St.
Te Oro, Wellington
04 384 3314

This was my favorite specialty grocery store that we visited.  All of the gluten free products were very clearly labeled and they had a wonderful selection including SHEEPS MILK YOGURT! Which is one of my favorite things ever that I can't seem to find outside of California.  (You would think in a country of so many sheep, I would have found this earlier in the trip, but this was the only place I found any sheep's milk product and it was actually imported from Australia.) I also found some wonderful cookies and a delicious and soft buckwheat bread, which was much better than any store bought gluten free bread I've had in the states.

Even though I had a list of confirmed gluten free friendly choices for us in Wellington by the time we got there and stopped at Commonsense Organics, my legs were done for, mostly due to the Crossing (see previous post).