Meals From The Garden: Fried Green Tomatoes with Whipped Goat Cheese Basil Spread

Did you catch that huge pile of tomatoes we harvested from our garden? We had oodles of green tomatoes and so I figured it was high time I learned to make fried green tomatoes. Turns out its a great way to use all those tomatoes

Full disclosure: I've never seen the movie of the same name. And yes, I know I should probably remedy this. 

I tried a couple of varieties of breading the tomatoes, including a battered version, but this three step dipping methoed seemd to result in the crispiest outsides and softest insides.

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Creamy Chard Pesto for the Oxbow Box Project

Before we built our raised beds for our edible garden, we subscribed to a couple different Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. We canceled one after the produce was consistently poor and the other when we had just too much of our own produce!

So when the folks from Oxbow Farms approached me about participating in The Oxbox Box Project - I was excited to spread the word about a fantastic CSA. If you can't grow your own produce, subscribing to a CSA is great way to support local farms and have a kitchen filled with top quality fruits and vegetables. The Oxbow Box Project provides local bloggers, cooks, and writers with a box of produce and invites them to write a post sharing what they made with their produce. 

After picking up my box at the ridiculously charming Melrose Market, I opted to use my fresh goodies for a variety of quick weeknight meals. In my box I received a bunch of chard, red leaf lettuce, green lettuce, spring onions, red beets, carrots, patty pan squash, zucchini, and red plums.

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Meals from the Garden: Greens On Pizza

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers out there!

Today, I'm sharing perhaps my favorite way to enjoy my greens directly from the garden - on a homemade gluten free pizza!

Speaking of pizza, I've got to say that I'm so over 99% of the gluten free pizza offered at restaurants. I have only ever encountered a good non-cracker-like gluten free pizza crust while eating out once and that was just in the past month. That's not to say that I don't totally appreciate the fact that restaurants are providing options for gluten free customers - seriously, high five to those restaurants! The bottom line is though, that the gluten free pizza crust I make at home blows those cracker-like crusts out of the water and it's just not worth eating sub par crust if you don't have to.

If you've been around here awhile, you'll know I'm not big on re-inventing the wheel. I have no need to have my own "Gluten Free Travelette Flour Blend" or a pie crust recipe if a great one already exists. Right now, that's where I am with pizza crust too. Shauna and Danny from Gluten Free Girl & the Chef have an awesome recipe that I use as my go to crust. For the flour blend, I use half their all purpose blend and half their whole grain blend. I also use psyllium whole husks instead of the flaxseed or chia.

Like my other Meals from the Garden posts thus far - this is more of a meal guide or idea than a recipe. In the links, I'm also sharing the pizza sauce and goat mozzerella brands that I use (and no, I'm not being paid to do so - these are just what I actually stock our fridge with almost every week).

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Meals from the Garden: Beets & Pasta

Our garden keeps on growing!

Each new thing we get to eat from it makes for quite an exciting night! Our golden beets have really started to take off - so it was time to taste a few. What I love about beets is that you get two treats in one plant - the actual beet and the beet leaves. I think this was actually the first time I've ever eaten beet leaves and I love them! They might be my new favorite leafy green.

Just like last week, this post is more of a meal idea than a recipe. A nice bed of gluten free pasta (our favorite is Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta) is a great way to showcase fresh ingredients straight from the garden.

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Meals from the Garden: Greens & Herb Pho

Finally! I'm sharing a meal from our edible garden.  

I've been meaning to share this quick weeknight meal for quite awhile now since it's been making an appearance on our kitchen table almost twice a week! And as our gorgeous winter greens have begun to fall prey to caterpillars and bolt - I figured it was high time to share.

This post falls somewhere in between a recipe and guide for a meal. The ingredients are loose depending on what looks good in the garden that night. But the basics stay the same; noodles, broth, greens, and herbs. So here's how we made our Greens & Herb Pho in early June.

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