Gluten Free In Seattle: For the International Food Bloggers Conference

Gluten Free in Seattle

When I moved to Seattle in 2010, I was absolutely thrilled by the relative abundance of gluten free friendly restaurants. Prior to that, I was living in a little town on the California coast with NO options - in fact, I was frequently told by restaurant staff that I could not be accommodated. So moving to Seattle was like moving to a gluten free friendly wonderland. Three years and a heck of a lot of travelling later, I think Seattle is just starting to catch up with it's biggest rival in terms of gluten free friendliness; Portland, Oregon. More and more restaurants are including information on their regular menus to indicate gluten free items or ones that can be adapted.

Since Seattle has just over 300 people descending upon it this weekend to attend the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) and I'm positive I'm not the only gluten free one in the bunch, I thought I'd share some of the spots I keep returning to for great gluten free eats throughout the city. I've also included a number of links to other resources to query for even more ideas.

Let's take this one step further as well; if you find a great gluten free friendly establishment during your weekend at IFBC - share it on twitter or instagram with the hashtag; #IFBCgf.

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Gluten Free In San Diego, California: New Finds & Old Favorites

Gluten Free In San Diego California

It's almost hard to believe that my trip to San Diego in February was the last time I traveled out of state. While I was down there all of my future work travel was canceled (at least for the time being) so all I've got left are three short personal trips coming up later this month and in May. The time at home as been much needed - I don't recall the last time I can say I slept in my own bed for a consecutive month.

Either way, I'm glad my last trip was to San Diego. Since I lived there for 3 1/2 years it's an easy place to get around and when I went last year I discovered oodles of gluten free friendly eateries. While I generally make an effort to get out and try new places, I found myself returning to Casa Guadalajara a few times this trip. However I was able to pull myself away from their delicious Mexican food to try two new-to-me places that I now get to share with you!

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Meals From The Garden: Fried Green Tomatoes with Whipped Goat Cheese Basil Spread

Did you catch that huge pile of tomatoes we harvested from our garden? We had oodles of green tomatoes and so I figured it was high time I learned to make fried green tomatoes. Turns out its a great way to use all those tomatoes

Full disclosure: I've never seen the movie of the same name. And yes, I know I should probably remedy this. 

I tried a couple of varieties of breading the tomatoes, including a battered version, but this three step dipping methoed seemd to result in the crispiest outsides and softest insides.

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Meals from the Garden: Beets & Pasta

Our garden keeps on growing!

Each new thing we get to eat from it makes for quite an exciting night! Our golden beets have really started to take off - so it was time to taste a few. What I love about beets is that you get two treats in one plant - the actual beet and the beet leaves. I think this was actually the first time I've ever eaten beet leaves and I love them! They might be my new favorite leafy green.

Just like last week, this post is more of a meal idea than a recipe. A nice bed of gluten free pasta (our favorite is Ancient Harvest Quinoa pasta) is a great way to showcase fresh ingredients straight from the garden.

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Kale & Red Rice Salad

This quick salad is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to eat for lunch. I recently picked up a bag of Lotus Foods Bhutan Red Rice after I discovered it's cooking time to be only 30 minutes! We're generally a strong brown rice household, but requires at least 2 hours of rice cooker time. So when we're in a pinch for a quick meal (almost every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night - during our 2 hour we're both home at the same time rush) brown rice just won't cut it.

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